Self-adhesive labels

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Self-adhesive labels

The self-adhesive label has its own permanent place not only for promotion

Direct colour printing with UV curing.

Raster graphics and CMYK printed by the offset printing.

There is a possibility to choose the underlying foil – white, coloured, silver, gold, transparent, high-adhesive, sealing and self-adhesive paper.

The bar code application, industrial usage. We are specialists in partly-adhesive, low-adhesive and movable labels.

We specialize in non-standard label-models:

  • partly-adhesive
  • low-adhesive
  • movable

Partially adhesive labels

We specialize in nonstandard design self-adhesive labels; we produce:

  • partially adhesive (adhesive layer is either shaped or it is only done as a part of the active surface)
  • low-adhesive (using special adhesive layers or applying stigmatic adhesive screen)
  • transpositive (material Easy Stick, magnets)

We will impart the price to you by return.

The price depends on quantity of manufactured labels, label size and number of printed colors, required cut and chosen technology.

Request more detailed information and samples of materials by phone or e-mail.